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Sniper is a character seen in Machete.

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As with the faux-trailer, the Sniper is the right-hand man of Michael Booth (the film's version of the Well-Dressed Man) and is responsible for shooting Machete during Machete's assassination attempt on a senator. He also shoots the senator (named John McLaughlin in this version) in the leg to frame Machete as a radical assassin.

The Sniper later tracks down Machete at a hospital, but Machete escapes and kills many of the Sniper's men in the process. He continues to pursue Machete and finds him at Luz's house, but Machete again survives the attempt on his life. As a result of these failed efforts, Booth is forced to kill the Sniper after Rogelio Torrez taunts Booth for tolerating failure. To appease Torrez, the Sniper is strangled with a wire in front of a webcam. Booth later shows remorse for killing his top henchman.

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"shoot from a hidden place," 1773 (among British soldiers in India), in reference to hunting snipe as game, from snipe (n.). Figurative use from 1892. Related: Sniped; sniping.

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Shea Whigham portrayed the sniper.

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