June benz or booth

June Booth.

June Booth is a character seen in Machete.

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From the name of the month, which was originally derived from the name of the Roman goddess Juno. It has been used as a given name since the 19th century.

Quotes Edit

April Booth: "Someone took a shot at the senator, what kind of world would you call it?"

June Booth: "Fucked up world"

- June Booth supports her daughter at the family dining table.

June Booth: "If your father ever saw me doing this."

April Booth: "Mom, 'everyone' is gonna see you do this...It's the internet."

- April Booth calms her mother, June Booth, down while they are filming video in the swimming pool together.

"He looks good to me."

- June Booth states her opinion of Machete to her daughter.

"What the...shit?"

- June Booth after waking up from drunk in the church.

June Booth: "Where's the clothes?"

April Booth: "Call daddy"

- June Booth after finding out that both her and April Booth are naked. So April tries to handle the situation.

Film Portrayal Edit

Alicia Marek portrayed June.

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June Booth and her daughter, April Booth at the family dining table

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June Booth shocks after hearing bad news about her husband before she faints in front of her daughter.

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June Booth and April Booth


June Booth and her sexual interest, Machete


June Booth

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