The 4 stages of the cameleons

El Chameleón is a character seen in Machete Kills.

Machete Kills Edit

El Cameleón 1Edit

El Cameleón first appears (played by Walton Goggins) in the film entering a bar and asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender realizes it is El Cameleón, but El Cameleón kills the bartender and everyone else in the bar before they have the chance to do anything.

El Cameleón 2Edit

El Cameleón removes his face (now portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr.) and leaves the bar. El Cameleón is later seen walking by a couple who ask him for directions, to which El Cameleón informs them that they have seen his face (which he doesn't allow), and he kills the couple and steals their car. El Cameleón arrives at a gas station where he asks the tenant for directions. Since the tenant did not speak English, and could not give clear directions, El Cameleón kills the tenant. El Cameleón then notices a camera recording him, so he shoots the camera and leaves, but not before taking his face off once more (now being portrayed by Lady Gaga).

La CameleónEdit

Machete finally encounters La Cameleón during a car chase, and is also pursued by Madame Desdemona. Machete manages to get away by blowing up Madame Desdemona's car (though she and her followers jump out in time and survive), which results in La Cameleón crashing into Madame Desdemona's car.

El Cameleón 4Edit

Later in the film, Machete is picked up by a trucker (played by Antonio Banderas) who quickly reveals himself to be El Cameleón (having survived the car crash and killing a truck driver who thought La Cameleón was a innocent hitchhiker, then changes into El Cameleón's fourth form). El Cameleón makes Machete get out of the truck and begin digging a hole for his grave, though El Cameleón fails to notice the tunnel where Machete is digging until Machete gets away. El Cameleón gets to the end of the tunnel were a group of armed Americans are, and the Americans immediately think El Cameleón is an illegal Mexican immigrant. El Cameleón tries to convince them otherwise, mainly by mentioning how he is actually Canadian, not Mexican, as noticeable by his accent. The Americans take this information by seeing El Cameleón as a "double immigrant" (Canadian and Mexican) and they gun him down, or might have survived, as his "La Cameleón" disguise was seen in the coming attraction of Machete Kills Space, as he might possibly return.

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  • Machete - Enemy

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Middle English: via Latin chamaeleon from Greek khamaileōn, from khamai ‘on the ground’ + leōn ‘lion.’

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